The figures of problems in female sexual response are alarming: the calculation is 43% of them with some sort of sexual dysfunction.

Most troubling is desire. The first reason for consultation to the sexologist has to do with lack of desire, which is both complex to analyze. Sometimes it is, especially hormonal medical reasons or the use of drugs for example Antidepressants. They also affect mental disorders such as depression, stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, among others. Everyday life sometimes does not help with a demanding job, tasks that do not have enough time or economic pressures. And the relationships occupy a key position this scenario. If you have marital conflict, you are in the middle of a fatal crisis, fights are constant or, on the contrary are rather a couple of brothers hardly wish to activate.

Alterations are also orgasm, affecting approximately 20% of women. Many of them have never known what the “little death” is.

If we continue with the list of problems we will encounter pain disorders, vaginismus, sexual phobias, to name the most common. But the strangest thing is that often is not affected sexual response: desire occurs, the vagina lubricates and dilates to sexual stimulation and to attain orgasm. But you have left that empty feeling of displeasure, that something important is missing.

That’s why dissatisfaction is not strictly a performance issue. To give some examples, complaints or needs not met women who put a limit to sexual satisfaction are: lack of caresses, games, kisses, hugs, prior to initiation of intercourse. I try too cold during the sexual act itself, without visual contact and as a simple download. Avoiding affection after orgasm, a masculine classic. Poor communication about what you both want to add or remove from the vaginal & anal sex scene, which is strictly necessary for the couple’s sexuality evolves.

To exit the sexual dissatisfaction sometimes you need professional help. But in other cases the most important thing is to be aware of what you need, you understand what are the incentives that encourage your pleasure and which inhibit it . From there comes into play the communication, the main vehicle for sexual satisfaction. Your erotic life is too important for that procrastinate. Do not let overcome by the taboos, myths or even laziness. To work, get up and enjoy the infinite possibilities that allow you to your senses and your fantasies.