These days I make an effort to get involved in various fitness activities. Every week I run for a few days, cycle, go to the gym and swim. Generally, I like to believe that am in a good shape physically. On Tennis Racquet Center, I have read that playing tennis can make you healthy & fit, so I decided to start playing tennis with such a great opportunity. That is how I realized the importance of tennis overtime.

Playing tennis is among the popular exercises that an armature athlete participates in. Tennis is good exercise and that is the reason why most people prefer playing it. Additionally, playing tennis is very cheap in terms of the financial requirements for one to play. Playing tennis has a lot of benefits and is a good activity that can be incorporated into your health regime. Playing Tennis can be learnt easily by many people and the game can be played by people from any ages. The game offers incredible benefits to all the players.

playing tennis

Aerobic-playing tennis is an aerobic work out. However, unlike running, a person is not required to run all the time. So if you do not like running even for some miles, a person can still get aerobic exercise benefits such as burning fat and improving heart fitness from playing tennis.

Interval Training- If you use a trainer to workout, then you must be familiar with interval training. Most people believe that changing expenditure levels and interval training leads to more calories being burnt than with constant level training. So how is tennis good exercise? Playing tennis forces training at interval levels since your exertion level is constantly going down.

Muscular Endurance Is Improved- Apart from aerobic exercise, playing tennis also provides training strength. This in turn helps to improve the general tone of the muscles and increase density of the bones at all life stages.

Improves Intelligent Function- Tennis is a game that requires strategy, so players need to think and be alert when playing. So how is tennis good exercise? The game promotes continuous development of the brain

One major advantage of playing tennis is that it is among a few completive sports that you can play even at your old age. Even if one cannot find themselves partners, most cities today provide cardio tennis in tennis clubs. These are group activities which allow players to come together and play without partners. So I have concluded that there are many reasons to go back into playing tennis. Incorporating tennis into my busy schedule that has some regularity will still present challenges, but I am going to make an effort to handle it even for one or two times every month when the weather is warm outside. Though many people still ask, is tennis good exercise? It is good exercise which allows you to get into shape while you have fun.

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