At the present time and coming years you must need a business website to expand your business. The competition is growing more and more. People are having more striking websites filled with high-quality contents to meet the market trend and demand. In that situation, you can’t stay far behind. You also need to upgrade your thoughts, business ideas and also your website. Here we would like to discuss a little offbeat way to upgrade your website.

What Are We Talking About?

There are a few things that add to the individuality of website designing, and these few include colour scheme, font choice,etc. Here we will discuss font choices that are available for free and can give your website at all new appeal, but you are unaware of it. Besides, proper font choice for your website is vital as it represents the site consistency and intelligibility.

Here we have picked a very best font styles for you. Have a look–


Merriweather font was particularly devised for screen reorganization and was created by Eben Sorkin. At present, Merriweather font includes 8 sub-styles under the font choice that have a variety of choices from light to dark and bold. Another great bonus of using this font is that it is a developing font style which gets regular upgradations and modifications.It keeps your font choice fresh and germane.

League Gothic

League Gothic was formerly designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903 whichhas gone through a flow in the last few years. This is mainly due to new management modernization and modification of the type script for further radical use.This League Gothic font possesses an elegant, convincing style and is the best option for the use of subtitles and headers.


Designer Lukasz Dziedzic published the Lato font and was licensed by Open Font License (2010),and this font name means “summer” in the Polish language. This font having semi-rounded edging sooze the tenderness that a name would entail.At first look, this font appears attractively standard; and in adeeper sense, it is apparentto accomplishits unusualaim–harmonizing and recognizing for body text whereas showcasing innovative features in headers.



Another semi-serif font Rosario is featured flatand even edgings and a combining disparity. This font has always been a favourite choice for advertising and promotional substances. No doubt this semi-serif font is great for readability with a stylish, elegant appearance.


Among the top rated free font styles, Oswald is one among the favourite of most of the web designer. This font is an attributed web font that gives it an expertise and accessibility. As well, the Oswald font and the verities of the font have gone through a countless of updates all through the time. As of added extras similar to Light, Dark, Black, Bold and Extended Latin and other more intricate variations marking kerning and largely spacing this Oswald typescript is very open and recognizable font used widely.

No doubt there is more font styles available for free. You can search more at Atomic Design rochester web design company to get more.