If you have a garden like a little pots of courtyard, the 10 Must Have DIY Gardening and Landscaping Tools that you will greatly facilitate the cultivation of plants and, in turn, you will enjoy further this fantastic world that is gardening without your back suffer the least.

Digger Post Holes

Need to place a few posts in your backyard or garden? You can do it with a hoe, but I’m not fooled: the hole that will not be narrow you want, so the post will not be what you would like unless you fill the hole with concrete.

Set Garden Accessories

One of the problems you may have when you grow plants is not to find the tools you need. Often when you go to the stores or nurseries you see shovels, rakes, hoes, etc. A large size. Too big so you can use them with your pots or when you intend to plant some flowers in the garden.

Pruning Shears

If there is a tool that is useful and you will use a lot, that’s the pruning shears as you see in the image. They are good to carry and use, because they do not weigh much and are ergonomic. In addition, maintenance is very simple, so you can always use your shrubs, or young palms trees need to go through the salon.

Shovel Digging

Digging shovel is a tool that will be useful if you intend to create a garden or if you ever decide to change some plants site. Being straight and not having the rounded tip as used by bricklayers, it is much easier to make planting holes or plant extract from one site to another location then plant. It is therefore highly recommended to have one, because you never know when you will need it.


The saw is the perfect tool for pruning thick branches, 2 cm or more thick, so it will be essential if you want to plant some fruit trees, because otherwise grow so ungainly, and you could reap the rewards with comfort you wish. Therefore, you should prune them using the appropriate accessory garden, as it is this, in late winter or autumn if the weather in your area is smooth.


Scissors? Yes Yes. But not just anyone. Scissors advise you to buy specially designed for small pruning, such as cuts thin branches green, remove the faded flower stems or flowers, cut dry or diseased leaves of plants, in short, prunings that could Be hand made but we prefer to use a cutting tool.

Hedge Trimmer

Hedges are created by bushes growing faster or slower that must occasionally cut some branches to continue having a tidy appearance. But not worth using any attachment; In fact, if the first one was pruning with us to find, most likely the result did not like us so much.

Garden Roller

To be good flat floor is not enough to pass hoe gently across the surface and have an excellent view, but also must pass with a garden roller so that the land is firmly packed. And if you can fill with sand or stone simply because much, much better.

PH Meter And Soil Fertility

Especially interesting is buying a meter that tells you the soil pH and fertility have. Knowing the characteristics of the land in which you want to plant is very important because depending on what you are cultivating or other species.


They are very useful, especially if you intend to have a collection or sow seeds. In them you can target planting date or purchase and common or scientific name. Using a permanent marker, you can have your plants checked at all times for many years.